Settle your credit card debt and get a fresh start with debt relief programs like, credit card debt settlement that yields debt freedom.

The thought of eliminating 50-60% of your debt can become a reality. Credit card banks and finance companies would rather take a partial credit card settlement than nothing at all, which is pretty much what they would get if you filed for bankruptcy. If debt freedom is the focus of your financial goals, then talk to a debt settlement advisor today!

We are a debt relief company that specializes in credit card debt elimination with financial alternatives to bankruptcy. Settle Credit Card Debt and Save!

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Credit card debt does not have to be part of your future. Settle credit card debt and invest the savings into your future.

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Credit card debt in the United States is at an all-time high, and delinquency rates on installment loans, revolving credit and mortgages have experienced double digit increases, as well. We offer credit card debt help with credit settlement services. Many credit card issuers will increase an account holder's interest rate after just one late payment - and in most cases, even if that one late payment is received only one day past the scheduled due date.

  • Save 40-55% with Credit Card Settlement!
  • Credit Card Negotiation Eliminates High Interest Rates
  • Bill Consolidation Lowers Monthly Payments
  • Negotiate Debt to Increase Cash Flow

If you're in a situation where the creditor won't negotiate with you, it may be time to seek professional advice. "Most creditors have heard every sad story in the book and are forced to be pretty hard-hearted," says Mike Whitten, senior counselor at the nonprofit Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Mid-Oregon in Eugene. "Having an impartial third party negotiate for you often gets results. Sometimes creditors will lower the interest rate on a loan just to show support for the debtor and to assure that payments are on time." According to Jeff Morris of US Debt Relief Company, "Settling debt has become a financially savvy option for managing finances in America."

Credit card debt can eat up savings, bank accounts and really tear into family relationships if you let them. Rather than consolidating debt into a debt consolidation loan you canít afford, cut your losses and save money with credit card debt settlement.

We offer credit debt settlement and debt elimination programs that offer true debt relief. Credit card settlement can stop the escalating interest and cut your credit card debt in half for a negotiated settlement that will lead you back down that debt free road that you long for. Our legal team will negotiate a settlement that wipes away a significant part of the balance that they owe. We offer a free consultation to make sure you are a good candidate for credit card debt relief.

Negotiate Credit Card Debt Relief

According to a recent survey conducted by the National Association for Business Economics the combined threat of subprime loan defaults and excessive indebtedness has overtaken terrorism and the Middle East as the biggest short-term threat to the U.S. economy. As a result, an increasing number of borrowers are turning to credit card debt settlement programs that allow them to negotiate debt. 40 to 55% debt reductions are being reported by debt settlement companies every day.

  • Increased Wealth with Credit Card Settlement Solutions

What kinds of debt can I negotiate? Debt negotiation will only work for unsecured debt like credit card debt, personal loans or medical bills. Negotiating credit card interest alone could save you a pretty substantial amount of money because credit cards have compounding interest. But, you'll typically also be able to negotiate down the balance. If you owe on student loans, you may be able to get penalties and interest reduced. And, although automobile loans are secured loans, you may also be able to negotiate down interest and penalties on those, as well. You may also be able to negotiate a forbearance on your student or auto loan, which would allow you to take a break on your payments, so you can get a chance to get back on your feet financially. But, you typically cannot get the principal balance on either of these types of loans reduced.

  • Negotiate Debt and Find Peace of Mind with a Fresh Start!

But, there's good news for those who owe on student loans. As of July 2009, struggling graduates can opt for a debt relief program that bases loan payments on up to 15% of their annual discretionary income, defined as gross income above 150% of the federal poverty level. (The 2008 poverty level for an individual is $10,400, plus $3,600 for every additional family member.) The College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007 increases funding for financial aid, offers tuition assistance for students who plan to teach and helps struggling graduates repay their student loans.

Settle debt now while the debt forgiveness laws allow credit card settlement. Our team will teach you how to settle your credit card debt effectively.